Local Sponsorship

Help give a child a brighter future!

Education is the key towards better life and is a right of every child. However, not all children have access and opportunity to have quality education and finished their studies particularly those poor IP children. In South Cotabato, it is estimated that more than 25% and 50% of school age children among the IP areas are out-of-school for both elementary and secondary. To realize its objectives of bringing more children to school, TLDFI conceptualized last 2014 a strategy called Local Sponsorship Strategy which aspires to strengthen the education component of its Social Services Program by giving hope to deserving poor children to make their dreams a reality and break the chain of poverty in their family. It has an objective to provide quality education and better opportunity for poor IP children by promoting the culture of local giving. The Local Sponsorship Strategy has two categories, namely: 1) Individual Sponsorship, and 2) Project Sponsorship.

Currently, there are 9 IP children that were supported by TLDFI for their secondary education supported by at 29 local sponsors each contributing at least 100.00 pesos per month. The support provided to assisted children includes school fees, transportation allowances, subsidy for school projects and activities depending on the result of individual case study conducted by our social worker. To know the life of Tboli children supported by TLDFI, read the story of Dolphy Tuan.

As a done institution, TLDFI can provide tax breaks for its donors. For details, please download the Philippine Tax Code at http://www.pcnc.com.ph/related-literature.php.