Respect Education

Respect-education is an attractive and interactive way of teaching that can be easily incorporated in daily teaching. In particular the socio-economic skills of children are further developed, that contributes to an open and safe learning environment. (

The program developed by the Respect Education Foundation and was started last 2006 in Netherlands in reaction on the growing intolerance in society. It aims to promote the value of respect to children and allows children to develop self-esteem and self confidence that ultimately helps them to better manage their emotions, communicate, and resolve conflicts non-violently. In 2012 the international program was developed in collaboration with Cordaid and selected Pasali Philippines for the pilot of the international version of respect education program with the intercultural exchange is the main component. With a good response from the implementing partners and good result among children Cordaid have decided to scaled up and replicate the program to other partners. Last 2015 TLDFI implemented Respect Education to 5 public schools in Lake Sebu. It was 10 classes took part and 416 pupils become recipients of the program. The organization have proven how does it contribute changes to children like children were normally shy started to become more outspoken, developed their self-confidence and pupils learned how to collaborate as well as helping each other.